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The Treatment:

Treating acne with Acne Tab requires the patient to take a regular dose of the pills until the skin is completely clear of all acne. The dose is then lowered to a level sufficient to maintain the skin acne free. The initial course of treatment normally lasts one to two months by the end of which the patient’s skin should be completely clear of all signs of acne, including any inflammation, whiteheads and blackheads.

The primary way in which Acne Tab fights acne is by regulating the activity of the sebum producing sebaceous glands near the skin surface. In nearly all acne prone skin conditions, there is an unnecessarily high level of sebum production by the sebaceous glands. Consequently, the skin appears as oily and ‘sticky’. The small microscopic pores in the skin surface get blocked by the high amount of oil, trapping the sebum underneath and giving the p.acne bacteria a clear chance to attack the trapped sebum. Acne Tab takes the problem from the root, by not allowing the sebaceous glands to secrete such high amounts of sebum in the first place. Acne Tab literally shrinks the size of these glands and considerably reduces their oil producing capacity. 

However, the functions of Acne Tab do not stop at this. The formulation of Acne Tab consists of ingredients that can be called ‘natural antibiotics’. These ‘natural antibiotics’ are extracts from herbs that have the ability to fight the p.acne bacteria. This acts as a double measure, in case some sebum does remain trapped under the skin surface and the bacteria tries to make its way to it.

The outer surface of the human skin is in a continuous process of dying away and regenerating itself. New skin cells are formed as old cells die and are shed off. However, it is possible for these dead skin cells to become a cause for blocked pores, unless they are shed off quickly. Acne Tab takes care of this too, and assists in the quick shedding of these dead cells. The faster the cells shed, the less chance they get to keep the pores blocked and become a cause for trapped sebum under the skin surface.

Finally, Acne Tab acts as an anti inflammatory agent and ensures that there are no inflamed lesions in the skin around the infected areas.

Theses functions of Acne Tab combine together to form a definite and sure solution against any and all forms of acne. Acne Tab gives acne no chance to survive, making Acne Tab a truly revolutionary skin care product with the ability to treat very severe cases of acne. Clinical studies demonstrate a staggering 96% success rate for severe acne with nominal variation in the results for varying age groups.

Side Effects:

Acne Tab is the first Acne medication that can tackle acne in a forceful way without having any harmful side effects. Clinical studies conducted over a three year period showed that none of the 453 volunteers who participated in various tests suffered from any harmful side effects as a result of the treatment.


Acne Tab is taken orally with water. The treatment has two phases. The first phase is to clear the skin from all acne and the second is the maintenance phase, where the skin is maintained in the acne free condition.

The recommended dose for the first phase is two tablets thrice a day, after meals. This course should be continued until the skin is completely acne free. The normal duration of this phase is one to two months. The patient must be regular in the dose and not skip pills.

The recommended dose for the second phase where the skin only needs to be maintained acne free is two tablets twice daily, in mornings and evenings after meals.


Swertia Chirata, Fumaria Officinalis, Tephrosa Purpurea, Sphaeranthus Indicus, Artemisia Vulgaris, Zizyphus Vulgaris, Terminalia Chebula, Cassia Absus, Lycopodium, Melia Azedarach, Berberis Aristata DC. Ext.



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