Frequently asked questions about Acne Tab:

What is Acne Tab?
Acne Tab is a pill treatment for acne.

Does an Acne Tab treatment require a consultation with a dermatologist?
Acne Tab is an over the counter product for use by the general public. An Acne Tab treatment does not require a prescription from a medical practitioner. Acne Tab is a safe treatment with no harmful side effects.

Does Acne Tab have an FDA approval?
Acne Tab contains all organic and herbal extracts formulated in a specific proportion with no chemical alterations. Consequently, Acne Tab is considered a health supplement for legal reasons and is not regulated as a drug by the FDA. The manufacturing facilities of Cesar Labs Ltd are ISO* certified. this factor is a major advantage for Acne Tab as it allows Acne Tab to be made freely available for the general public.

  • International Standardization Organization

Can Acne Tab be taken in conjunction with other acne treatments?
Acne Tab has no harmful interactions with most other acne treatments. This includes Accutane, Minocyline (antibiotic) treatments and benzoyl peroxide based creams and lotions.

Is Acne Tab a permanent cure for acne?
No, Acne Tab is not a permanent cure for acne. There is no known permanent cure for acne so far. However, Acne Tab is surely the next best thing to a permanent cure. The results from an Acne Tab treatment last for many months. Acne Tab actually diminishes the size of the sebaceous glands that produce the oil in the skin surface. It takes a while for the glands to grow back to their previous size. While research continues, it is foreseeable in the future that Acne Tab becomes the first ever permanent cure for acne. The early studies of Acne Tab were conducted over three years back and in some of the test cases the volunteers reported a complete cease of breakouts months after the treatment was discontinued.

Is Acne Tab suitable for mild acne?
Acne Tab is an immensely powerful treatment and can solve severe acne problems with ease. For mild acne, we recommend a lowered dose. Being a safe treatment, there is no harm in taking Acne Tab for mild acne.

Can patients on on birth control pills still take Acne Tab?
Yes it is absolutely safe to take Acne Tab in conjunction with birth control pills. There are no interactions or harmful reactions. Acne Tab will in no way effect the effectiveness of the patient’s birth control pills.

Can I take Acne Tab while pregnant or breast feeding?
Yes, you may safely take Acne Tab while pregnant or breast feeding. It says on our site that Acne Tab will counteract the effects of hormones in women. This does not mean that Acne Tab interferes with the balance or production of hormones in the body. What it does mean is that Acne Tab counteracts one specific effect or symptom of an imbalanced hormonal production. The symptom being increases oil secretion by the sebaceous glands in the skin surface.

How long does the product take to arrive once the order is placed?
Please allow anywhere between ten to fourteen days for the product to arrive.

Which countries to you ship to?
We can ship to anywhere in the world where there is a postal service, free of any shipping charge.

I am afraid to order online, how secure is your website?
It is absolutely safe to order online from our website. We do not receive any credit card details. All payment information goes directly to CCNOW, our authorized online retailer. Once your order is processed, we receive only the relevant information to fulfill your order, like the shipping address and your order number. You can visit the CCNOW website by clicking here.

I don’t have a credit card, can I still order Acne Tab?
Unfortunately, the only payment option we can offer at the moment is online ordering through the use of a valid credit card. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.